Our Story

Buddha-Full was created by friends Geremie Voigt and Kyla Rawlins, who made their dreams a reality by being the first organic, raw vegan and gluten-free cafe on the North Shore with Buddha-Full opening its doors for the first time in 2010. Both passionate for healthy and conscious foods, the two wanted the opportunity to share their favourite meals and products with the local community. 

We always wanted Buddha-Full, to be a warm light-hearted space that provided amazing nourishment. A space that would inspire and educate through intentional choices and insightful events.

The two friends, for years had walked the line between hobbyist and obsessive health foodies and with an evolving menu and community, Buddha-Full has become an iconic spot in North Vancouver to eat healthy, connect deeply and learn how to become a better person.

They have been successfully working towards inspiring a happy, healthier plant-based community and planet ever since.

It was the unified connection between our health, animal kindness and the planet; that when combined, gave us purpose to fulfilling our dreams.

What does the Heart Represent?

Our logo represents our mission: To inspire love and nourish health, for every person, every being, every community.

The heart leads us to our true selves, it ignites the way for us to connect with other beings. It challenges the brave to love, through means of peace. Creating compassion towards yourself, your community and the planet.

At Buddha-full we offer exceptional nourishment and quality health driven food that tastes great, and supports a healthy body and planet.

Our mission is to inspire love and health, by providing delicious, locally sourced produce and made from scratch cooking in an inspiring and inclusive environment. We believe that clean plant based eating has the power to create a connection with your true self and thus your community and planet.

Our commitment is to make everyday whole plant based food – because in today’s time-starved reality, we need quick and easy nourishment more than ever.  You deserve real food, made from scratch, that offers health and love always. 

We use 100% plant based, compostable packaging from our takeout bowls to our cutlery and straws.

Our menu is inspired by the“blue zone diets” (areas in the world where people live the longest) and by the holistic inclusion of the many flavours that plants, herbs, spices and superfoods offer us. We create flavourful dishes; cutting out refined sugar and saturated fats, that go beyond taste and texture and include the many powerful adaptogenic superfoods to enhance your meals nourishment. 

We value and support our community. By investing in building relationships with local growers and suppliers.  Our “pro-visions sustains and maintains quality partnerships with local artisans, from kraft kombucha, local made merchandise to delicious sweets.  #buddhafullprovisions. 

Through our community we offer heart driven talks, classes and music events to inspire and make you feel good inside and out.